Our mission is to make environments all around the world in which people live, work, and play cleaner, safer and healthier.

We strive everyday to eliminate harmful pathogens and odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew through our safe and patented delivery system.  For years, many large companies have used Chlorine dioxide to sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize because of it’s safety and effectiveness.  Chlorine Dioxide is so strong and effective it can destroy pathogens like influenza, norovirus, HIV, and Ebola; and then at lower concentrations, chlorine dioxide is safe and gentle enough to clean and wash fruits, vegetables and even sanitize water.

Until recently, unfortunately, only a few industries have been able to utilize the powerful benefits of chlorine dioxide.  The people here at Closure Clean wanted to change that and thought is was necessary for the masses to see those benefits.  So we decided it was time to revolutionize the way most people clean.

Now for the first time ever,  people, companies and industries of all sizes can benefit from using Chlorine Dioxide. Gone are the days of needing onsite, large, and expensive equipment and machines.  Closure Clean is now all you need!

Closure Clean, LLC makes a daily commitment to provide amazing support, training and customer service.  In addition, we’ll help with cleaning methods and product application assistance.  Just shoot us email or give us a call.

We work hard to create products responsibly.  Many disinfectants and cleaning products used today can have short and long term effects to the people using them as well as the environment.  Closure Clean works immediately upon contact with the air, any surface, and does not create any carcinogens, poisons, or other negative lasting effects.

We have a great passion to create and deliver superior products that will allow our world to be cleaner, safer and healthier–products that provide our customers with total confidence.