Is Chlorine Dioxide Safe? It’s so safe, you can even drink it.  It’s even used to treat water in our treatment facilities here and all around the world.  If you’ve ever been to the supermarket and seen the sprayers in the fruits and vegetables section, that is chlorine dioxide.  Unlike some other products, chlorine dioxide is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free and does not release any carcinogens or harmful residues.

Thanks to Closure Clean and its patented, safe, and efficient dry-medium delivery system, Chlorine Dioxide can now be packaged in an inexpensive easy to use small disposable, portable device. This allows Chlorine Dioxide to become economically, easily, readily and safely available for use in homes, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bathrooms, automobiles, public transportation and any other public or private facilities where the threat of disease or any other dangerous or even not so dangerous microbes may be.

Chlorine Dioxide has never before been available in a cost effective single use application because it is very expensive to produce and has always needed to be produces on site using machines that are in excess of $250,000 each.  With our patented release technology, we have changed this problem now giving everyone a safe and effective way to generate chlorine dioxide on demand for true elimination of your odor or cleaning needs.

Closure Clean is a multi purpose product being successfully used in homes, automobiles, medical offices, institutions, school/gyms, hotels, restaurants, and many many more.  One product, one use, hundreds of applications.

Don’t be fooled by masking agents and other products that make claims they can’t stand behind.  There is no other odor eliminating product available that can compete with the extreme power of chlorine dioxide.