Each Closure Clean kit will treat any enclosed space of up to 400-500 square feet.
Even though Closure Clean is guaranteed safe for humans, pets, and live plants, we recommend not to occupy the space while the product is in use, at least for an extended period.  It is safe to go in and out of the space or be near the treated space or in any other room in the same building.
It is not necessary to remove any personal items like food, plants, or anything else considered delicate.  Chlorine Dioxide breaks down to a simple salt solution.
Closure Clean is not flammable in any way.  You do not need to worry about furnaces or pilots in logs or such.
Closure Clean emits a vapor that attacks and dissipates into the space leaving no trace of films or residues.
After treatment, you will have a clean and light chlorine scent.  Once the space airs out for as little as 20 minutes or so, the scent will fade completely and the odor will be gone.
Closure Clean is completely safe for humans and pets.  However, as noted above, we do not recommend being in the same space during active treatment.  The scent after treatment is completely harmless to humans and pets as well.
Yes, this is one of designed benefits.  Unlike other products that label a use for the “auto” or the “room” and charging different prices even though the product is identical, our product is specifically formulated to be an all around multi purpose product that can be used in the home, auto, boat, hotels, gyms, medical offices, personal or commercial, and many more.  One product, one price, multiple applications make it simple and take the guess work out.
Through our patented delivery system, Closure Clean releases a powerful and non toxic vapor of Chlorine Dioxide into the space.  The vapor will penetrate deep into the space permanently eliminating any trace of foul odors.
Closure Clean is an all purpose product that can be used to remove odors and clean any space in all types of homes, autos, hotels, schools, gyms, boats, by realtors, apartment managers, commercial applications, medical offices, pets, bars, restrooms, restaurants, locker rooms, RV’s, health care, smoke, food, mold and mildew applications.   And many more that make it too much to list.