Closure Clean Single Use

//Closure Clean Single Use

Closure Clean Single Use

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Product Description

CloSure Clean is a small, portable deodorizing pouch device that completely eliminates odors in any enclosed space – fast! Rather than masking a smell or disguising it with perfumes, in just 2-3 hours, CloSure Clean removes a smell for good, be it pet odors in your home, cigarette smoke in the workplace, or sweaty smells in the gym.

CloSure Clean works by releasing chlorine dixoide, a deeply penetrating vapor that completely destroys the harmful microorganisms that are responsible for making an area smell bad.

A single product will deodorize an area of up to 400 square feet. Made in the USA, CloSure Clean is free of VOCs, non toxic, and does not release any carcinogens or harmful residues.


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