Clean out your RV safely for summer

With summer right around the corner, many families are preparing for a vacation. For those people who have an RV, traveling is less expensive than staying in a motel and can provide the family with a more intimate setting. RVs boast the convenience of a kitchen and you never have to worry about wondering who [...]

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The difficulty of removing pet urine odor

If you have a pet, you understand that they can have accidents. These accidents can come in many forms, with urine being one of the most destructive. Teaching your pet not to urinate on the floor is a big part of pet ownership; finding the best way to remove urine odor is often another. Pet [...]

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Four ways to remove unpleasant fish odors

Fish might be delicious, but it is one of the toughest odors to remove from a home or business. It can linger for days and sink into curtains, carpets, clothing or furniture. If the smell bothers you, odor elimination is the only choice. Why does fish smell when you cook it? Certain enzymes in the [...]

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Your gym bag doesn’t have to stink

Whether you casually work out or are a competitive athlete, one thing is for sure, your gym bag will stink. Gym bags at times are vile and disgusting with the smells they contain and the norm isn't to wash the bag, but only the clothes in them. Meanwhile, when you go to the gym and [...]

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Cleanliness: in the nose of the beholder

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘clean’? When someone says a room or other confined space is clean, you use a couple of your senses to determine the truth of that statement. There are two sides to every coin, and two sides to cleanliness. Obviously, when you first enter the ‘clean’ [...]

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The cringe factor: how to eliminate embarrassment caused by bad car odors

Ever got in the passenger seat of a friend or colleague’s car and noticed a bad smell that doesn't seem to faze the driver? The thought of someone feeling the same way in your car is cringeworthy! But what can you do to deal with this issue? Read our fail safe dos and don’ts to [...]

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How to remove odors from mattresses

Cleaning your mattress is something that should be done semi-regularly to make sure you aren’t laying on top of dead skin cells and other dust particles that are known for lingering around on mattresses. However, if you smoke inside of your bedroom or sleep with a child that is potty training, you may find that [...]

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Natural odor killers to freshen up the room

Odors can take your home by siege and refuse to let go when you least expect it, but thankfully, there's more than a few ways for you to fight back with a little creative guerrilla warfare. Before even resorting to the more expensive top-shelf products, you can take away the impact of bad smells in [...]

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How to banish cigarette odors from your home or business

There is no question that the smell of cigarette smoke is hard to get rid of. Smoke lingers in or on carpets, drapes, walls, cupboards and other hard surfaces. These unpleasant odors are caused by what is now known as third hand smoke. While it may seem like the smoke drifts away, particles in it [...]

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Odor elimination in your automobile is possible!

Your automobile starts off smelling crisp and new, but overtime the porous leather, carpet, and other odor holding materials get smelly overtime. Society uses our vehicles to get around all the different areas, and we often spend a lot of time in our cars believe it or not. However, it is not just our own [...]

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