Some fake news about Closure Clean

We thought we'd use this term to get your attention as it seems to be popular just about everywhere nowadays. What we're actually concentrating on here is to dispel some of the wrong ideas that folk occasionally have about our odor eliminator product. These are based on questions we're often asked, and statements we've heard. [...]

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3 causes of carpet odor, and what to do about it

Ever had visitors making excuses to leave your home early? It could be because of the unpleasant odor coming from your carpets. When you think about all of the different things your carpets have been subjected to over the years, it's no surprise that they may have become rather smelly. Here are a few things [...]

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Seven common sources of boat odors

Boats can be notorious breeding grounds for many different kinds of smells, and when you’re out on the open water you don’t suddenly want to find yourself wishing you’d paid more attention to boat odor removal. In addition to being completely surrounded by water (aka moisture, a necessity for odor-producing microorganisms), you’re also essentially shrinking [...]

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3 of the world’s toughest odors to remove

When it comes to odor removal, it can be harder to remove some odors depending on what they are, how long odors have been allowed to linger and the surfaces they're lingering on. Carpet odor removal, for example, is one of the most challenging, simply because of the size involved and composition of the carpet [...]

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Are bad odors turning your rental properties into a headache?

Scents can trigger people's emotions in both good and bad ways. A pleasant scent in a house will have a positive reaction by the customer and would thus increase the chance that they actually want to rent it. When listing your property, using an odor eliminator like Closure Clean is an inexpensive way to spruce [...]

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6 simple tips to eliminate bad odor

For most people, staying indoors seems a great thing to do, especially on those slow and heating days. But nothing shatters the peace and comfort of a good indoor stay like a bad odor. Well, every home has a smell, and it tends to be a combination of the house occupants, the food they cook, [...]

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How to get lingering odors out of your car

We all have issues with stubborn odors that linger in our cars. Once you identify the source of the odor the next step is formulating a plan to get rid of the smell so you can drive without having to spray air freshener or roll down the window. Spot clean If the source of the [...]

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Closure clean removes odors from your car or your money back

How much time do you spend in your car? Equally importantly, what kind of uses do you put it to? Maybe it's often filled with sticky, sweaty, mucky kids after a day out at the beach or in the wide outdoors. And the dog might have added to the 'interesting bouquet' left behind! This can [...]

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3 tips to banish bad odors and keep your home smelling fresh

Every house smells different, which occurs due to the combination of people living there, their belongings, pets playing around, the food they cook and so on. And many times, the combination of all these smells around the home creates such a stinky odor which is more than a person's nose can bear. What can you [...]

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Mold and mildew odors have nothing on Closure Clean

That musty “old home” smell can be quite difficult and annoying to get rid of and may even return if you don't use an effective product. You clean from top to bottom and there is still odor, where does it come from? Even if you just have that ‘lived in’ odor to remove, cleaning may [...]

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