Four ways to remove unpleasant fish odors

Fish might be delicious, but it is one of the toughest odors to remove from a home or business. It can linger for days and sink into curtains, carpets, clothing or furniture. If the smell [...]

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Your gym bag doesn’t have to stink

Whether you casually work out or are a competitive athlete, one thing is for sure, your gym bag will stink. Gym bags at times are vile and disgusting with the smells they contain and the [...]

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Cleanliness: in the nose of the beholder

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘clean’? When someone says a room or other confined space is clean, you use a couple of your senses to determine the truth of that [...]

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The cringe factor: how to eliminate embarrassment caused by bad car odors

Ever got in the passenger seat of a friend or colleague’s car and noticed a bad smell that doesn't seem to faze the driver? The thought of someone feeling the same way in your car [...]

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How to remove odors from mattresses

Cleaning your mattress is something that should be done semi-regularly to make sure you aren’t laying on top of dead skin cells and other dust particles that are known for lingering around on mattresses. However, [...]

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Natural odor killers to freshen up the room

Odors can take your home by siege and refuse to let go when you least expect it, but thankfully, there's more than a few ways for you to fight back with a little creative guerrilla [...]

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