How to banish cigarette odors from your home or business

There is no question that the smell of cigarette smoke is hard to get rid of. Smoke lingers in or on carpets, drapes, walls, cupboards and other hard surfaces. These unpleasant odors are caused by [...]

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Odor elimination in your automobile is possible!

Your automobile starts off smelling crisp and new, but overtime the porous leather, carpet, and other odor holding materials get smelly overtime. Society uses our vehicles to get around all the different areas, and we [...]

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Preparing your rental or apartment property for a new arrival

When the old tenants are gone, you know there'll be some work to do before new ones can move in. Hopefully, previous tenants have treated your property with the respect they should have, although sadly [...]

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Don’t remove your pets, just remove their odors

It’s an unfortunate truth that pets leave odors. It has long been true that if you want to keep pets, or want to allow tenants to keep pets, you need to prepare yourself for the [...]

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