How to get lingering odors out of your car

We all have issues with stubborn odors that linger in our cars. Once you identify the source of the odor the next step is formulating a plan to get rid of the smell so you [...]

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Closure clean removes odors from your car or your money back

How much time do you spend in your car? Equally importantly, what kind of uses do you put it to? Maybe it's often filled with sticky, sweaty, mucky kids after a day out at the [...]

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3 tips to banish bad odors and keep your home smelling fresh

Every house smells different, which occurs due to the combination of people living there, their belongings, pets playing around, the food they cook and so on. And many times, the combination of all these smells [...]

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Mold and mildew odors have nothing on Closure Clean

That musty “old home” smell can be quite difficult and annoying to get rid of and may even return if you don't use an effective product. You clean from top to bottom and there is [...]

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Clean out your RV safely for summer

With summer right around the corner, many families are preparing for a vacation. For those people who have an RV, traveling is less expensive than staying in a motel and can provide the family with [...]

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The difficulty of removing pet urine odor

If you have a pet, you understand that they can have accidents. These accidents can come in many forms, with urine being one of the most destructive. Teaching your pet not to urinate on the [...]

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