It’s an unfortunate truth that pets leave odors. It has long been true that if you want to keep pets, or want to allow tenants to keep pets, you need to prepare yourself for the smells left behind. From the basic ‘animal smells’ of even the best-groomed dog, cat or lizard to the unfortunate odors left behind by accidents, litter boxes and cages, it can be quite the olfactory assault. Keeping things clean can only do so much, after all!

Fortunately, Closure Clean is here to help. With our proprietary odor elimination system, the cleansing, deodorizing powers of chlorine dioxide are easier than ever to leverage for a cleaner, safer home. Not only will Closure Clean’s deodorizing vapor action eliminate pet odors at the source, it will help neutralize the scents of bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, food and any number of other organic substances. As part of a complete cleaning regimen, Closure Clean can give you respite from the odors that plague you.

The efficiency and ease-of-use of Closure Clean also makes it ideal for landlords and others looking to keep properties, offices, gyms, hotel rooms and other locations fresh and clean. Not only will you be able to present a fresher face to the world, you can adopt more lenient pet policies your tenants, employees and guests will appreciate – without any of the permanent pervasive odors which would once have been a problem. The speed is also great for rapid turnovers; get your apartments cleaned, refreshed and ready for the new renters in a matter of days, without investing in expensive top-to-bottom cleaning solutions.

The system behind Closure Clean is elegant in its simplicity. Simply prep the package, seal the space to be treated, and leave it to work its magic. In a matter of hours, even the harshest pet smells and other scents will be eliminated. When its done, simply throw it away, ventilate the room and enjoy the safe, refreshing air left behind. In no time, not even the harmless chlorine scent will be there; your room will be as fresh as new.

If you’d like to learn more about Closure Clean, contact us today. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and help you eliminate pet odors for good!