How much time do you spend in your car? Equally importantly, what kind of uses do you put it to? Maybe it’s often filled with sticky, sweaty, mucky kids after a day out at the beach or in the wide outdoors. And the dog might have added to the ‘interesting bouquet’ left behind!

This can also be caused by simple accidents of daily life with spilled drinks, groceries having a mind of their own on the way back from the store, transporting plants from a local nursery – and many other regular activities. Never forget that kids – or pets – can be sick without a moment’s notice! And how irritating is it when getting into a car you immediately notice that stale smoke smell?

So, odors form and then cling, which can be unpleasant enough for you. But, how else do you use your car? Perhaps you might have to pick up an important business contact from the airport, transport your in-laws (who have an uncanny sense of smell) from the train station for that much-anticipated weekend visit.

You’ll want your vehicle to be odor-free for your own benefit, as well as that of others, yet what to do? These odors tend to cling to a variety of interior surfaces, from PVC or polyurethane to leather. Unlike an odor eliminator, using old-fashioned air fresheners really just replaces one smell with another, often merely offering a different assault on the nasal senses!

Luckily, there’s a terrific solution, and it’s Closure Clean! This superb product doesn’t just mask those smells with an artificial fragrance. It’s our proprietary odor eliminator, one that generates chlorine dioxide, and uses a process called oxidation to eliminate the bacteria, mold or mildew that causes those infuriating smells to linger. The microorganisms that create odors are permanently eliminated.

Many folk have already found Closure Clean to be the answer they’ve been seeking, and have been able to cheerfully discard their growing collection of unsuccessful air fresheners. That’s why our commitment to you is so clear and simple: using the Closure Clean pouch removes odor from your car or you get your money back. Nothing whiffy about that promise – or in the atmosphere in your Closure Cleaned car! Try our great odor eliminator now, or feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.