Every house smells different, which occurs due to the combination of people living there, their belongings, pets playing around, the food they cook and so on. And many times, the combination of all these smells around the home creates such a stinky odor which is more than a person’s nose can bear. What can you do to banish all the unpleasant smell and keep your house smelling fresh every time you have guests around?

Here are three handy tips for removing bad odors from your home:

1. Ventilate the place. In essence, many odor problems occur due to poor ventilation. A less disturbing smell slowly grows into a powerful, disturbing smell, causing much discomfort to those around. To tackle this problem, open all windows about halfway to allow sufficient airflow around the house. The windows should be opened in such a way that cool air comes in from the bottom, and warm air escapes out from the top. Or you can create a wind tunnel by opening windows opposite each other inside the room. This will allow air to circulate evenly, leaving no traces of stinky household odor behind.

2. Use an air conditioner. Many air conditioners, which have a HEPA filter, eliminate 99.97% of airborne molecules which cause bad odors around homes. To make sure the air circulating is fresh at all times, run the air conditioner on low and ensure the filter inside is cleaned and changed regularly. If you’re pressed for money, an air conditioner without a HEPA filter can also do the trick but is not as efficient.

3. Place fans strategically. Fans will work most effectively with the combination of the two points discussed above—otherwise, you’ll be moving unpleasant air around. One part of the fan should pull air into the fan, and the other part should push that air around the room. Make sure to position the fan in such a way it easily blows dirty air out of a doorway or toward the air conditioner. Doing this will give you as much fresh air as you could wish for.

No matter how much you love cleaning, the stenches and odors around homes are part of everyday life. However, this shouldn’t get your mood down or frustrate you in any way. Closure Clean, a powerful deodorizing agent, makes cleaning tasks seamless by permanently removing all stinky odors. This means pet odor, body sweat odor, mold and mildew odor won’t be a problem anymore, and your house will stay smelling fresh for longer! For more details about Closure Clean, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.