We thought we’d use this term to get your attention as it seems to be popular just about everywhere nowadays. What we’re actually concentrating on here is to dispel some of the wrong ideas that folk occasionally have about our odor eliminator product. These are based on questions we’re often asked, and statements we’ve heard. So here goes…

# Somebody told me that I’d have to completely leave the building while it’s working!

Not exactly. To be fair, we wouldn’t recommend that you stay in the specific space all the time when our product is active; however there’s no problem with popping in to collect something. Other rooms in the building are safe to inhabit!

# I bet that I have to move all of my plants out of any room while it’s being treated!

As the chlorine dioxide used in Closure Clean breaks down into a simple salt solution, there is no need to remove any plants while the odor elimination work is taking place. For all we know, they may enjoy watching the process?!

# I hear that it’s flammable!

Again, no it is not; therefore there is no problem with your furnace or even pilot lights for other heating devices.

# I bet it leaves an unpleasant odor when it’s done!

Exactly the opposite, although we do know some air purifying products that we think smell worse than the problem! When you enter a treated room, you will initially notice a slight chlorine scent, but this is completely dissipated within less than half-an-hour.

# All cleaning agents seem to leave a nasty film on all treated surfaces afterwards!

Closure Clean works by emitting a vapor. This simply dissipates after use, therefore there’s nothing left to leave such unpleasant residues.

# It’s only used in either homes or cars!

Actually, Closure Clean is also a great choice, already made by so many, for use in their commercial and private gyms, a wide range of business premises, medical offices, schools and colleges, boats and many other spaces.

So we hope we’ve dealt with some of the most common, if groundless, anxieties about our brilliant product. Of course, if you’d like to ask anything else, you can contact us right here (ADD LINK TO CONTACT PAGE) and we’re happy to talk you through the actual odor eliminator process.

One product, so many applications – and that’s real good news!

Photo: Fake News by wuestenigel licensed under Creative commons 2