When it comes to odor removal, it can be harder to remove some odors depending on what they are, how long odors have been allowed to linger and the surfaces they’re lingering on. Carpet odor removal, for example, is one of the most challenging, simply because of the size involved and composition of the carpet fibers. No matter the surface, the three odors below seem to be the most difficult to remove in the world.

1. Pet odor removal

Our pets are members of our family and we love them to pieces, but let’s face it – sometimes they smell or have accidents that smell. Pet odors tend to linger because accidents, like urine, penetrate deep into carpet and padding. They then continue to live below the surface of the carpet itself, and carpet odor removal is hard to carry out completely. Once the stain is removed, you may still be left with the odor.

2. Cigarette smoke removal

Lingering odors from cigarette smoking indoors not only embed themselves into carpet, they can seep through walls and stay there as well. A surface cleaning, followed by an application of paint that is guaranteed to seal in odors and block stains, is a great first step, but cigarette smoke odor can seem to hang around forever even after drastic measures.

3. Skunk odor removal

The odor from a skunk is in a class by itself; it’s so strong, it’s almost toxic. The reason skunk odor is so hard to remove is that the spray is sulfur-based and sticks to anything it comes in contact with. The horrible skunk odor can remain on surfaces for weeks if not properly treated.

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