Ever had visitors making excuses to leave your home early? It could be because of the unpleasant odor coming from your carpets. When you think about all of the different things your carpets have been subjected to over the years, it’s no surprise that they may have become rather smelly. Here are a few things that could be responsible:

1. Cigarette smoke

If you’re a smoker, cigarette smoke is likely to be a major cause of your carpets’ odor; carpets absorb the smoke and retain its smell long after the cigarettes have been put out. You may have stopped noticing the smell clinging to your carpets, but chances are others haven’t.

2. Pets

Anyone with pets knows that their furry friends can sometimes be the culprit behind offensive carpet smells. Puppies that haven’t been toilet trained yet or kittens still learning where to find the litter box may have accidents around the home. No matter how long you spend on your hands and knees cleaning up the urine, its smell can remain in the carpet for a long time.

Ever walked into someone’s home and instantly been able to smell their pet? Even if your pet has never urinated on your carpets, that’s not to say they don’t still smell of your dog or cat. After all, some pets are naturally rather whiffy, no matter how many times you bathe them, and no amount of vacuuming will get rid of the odor coming from your carpets.

3. Food and drink

Ever dropped food and drink all over your carpet? Runny, messy foods such as curry, or strong-smelling drinks such as red wine can leave an unpleasant smell when it soaks in.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than an awful smell coming from your carpets, so what can you do to get rid of it? A squirt of air freshener simply isn’t enough; for permanent carpet odor removal, use Closure Clean. It’s simple and effective, and will get the job done fast. In just 2-3 hours your carpets will smell brand new again – perfect if you’ve got visitors coming round this afternoon!