Scents can trigger people’s emotions in both good and bad ways. A pleasant scent in a house will have a positive reaction by the customer and would thus increase the chance that they actually want to rent it. When listing your property, using an odor eliminator like Closure Clean is an inexpensive way to spruce up your rental.

The psychological effect of smell

Scents trigger different emotions in the brain. The smell of peppermint can be invigorating while lavender is relaxing. However, musty or foul odors may trigger depression or anger in potential customers. Removing such odors will increase the chance that potential renters will not run away!

Why the property is starting to smell bad

When your property sits empty for so long, bad smells may start to develop for a number of reasons. As dusty and insect remains eventually begin to build up, so does an unpleasant musty smell.

If the previous owner or renter had pets, it is possible that they have urinated in parts of the house at some point. Neglecting to clean and deodorize after pets can have a long-lingering smell. Using a pet odor eliminator is a must-have for real estate agents.

If the previous owner or renter was a smoker, a tale-tell scent will be left behind with them. Non-smokers will easily be able to smell the remnants of tobacco and it may linger for a long time.

The cooking habits of the previous renter may also leave behind some interesting scents. As the food particles evaporate around the kitchen, you can get a grease build up that produces a vile scent. Certain ingredients like onion, garlic, or curry powder may leave behind an unwanted smell for a while.

Quashing the odor for good

While using some remedies like vinegar, vodka, baking soda, or increasing ventilation may help, they are not viable solutions to get rid of strong odors in the long term. Closure Clean has developed effective commercial products designed specifically to eliminate odors for good. We have harnessed the power of chlorine dioxide as a deodorizing agent in order to help small businesses protect their investments with a clean scent. When you’re renting out a property, ensure you give it a new lease of life with Closure Clean odor eliminator.